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Hello world!

Liz / November 6, 2017

Happy Birthday to The Busy Mom That Could! Today, my blog is born. Much like waiting for the arrival of a newborn, I’ve been waiting to launch this site. So let me tell you a bit about myself and how this site came to be. I’m a mom to a beautiful, fun and sassy five year old girl. I am also a certified teacher in Elementary Education and taught for 9 years. I am not teaching anymore as my path led me into becoming a “Mom Boss” and opening up my own business. But boy do I miss the kids! My daughter started Pre-K this year and my goodness, as if my life wasn’t already jammed packed with responsibilities, an infinite list of to do’s and dead-lines, now my life includes helping with homework, special projects, making sure I have daily healthy snacks to pack and practice the skill of the week! Well, for the most part I try for the snacks to be healthy. And, there’s always some kind of activity going on that I have to put together an outfit, make a shirt or buy an accessory. But you know what? I’m loving every freaking minute of it because it helps me use that teacher gene that still very happily exists in me and that I love putting to good use. The difference now is that I am tired as a mother! Running a business, cooking dinner, picking up the house… because what a mess this five year old can create, and on top of it all, trying to conceive again. I also want to make sure she is the happiest girl in the world who’s filled with joy, feels safe and experiences every little bit of this wonderful world around her. I want to try to take those experiences from outside of school into school and vice versa. So, this is somewhat how the seed of creating this blog was planted. But what finally made it come to life was inspiration from a good friend. She’s also a Mom Boss and just became a room mom which is basically the assistant to the teacher as far as planning special events, field trips, decorating the class for holidays or events, communicating with the other parents, etc. But, her son is in Kindergarten and if you have or have had a child in the last 5 years in Kinder then you know how surprised you were with the amount of Homework, computer program schedule and the amount of work these little humans have. Which means you have all this added work too. Ha, and I as complaining about Pre-K. Anyway, I called her to see how she was doing and offer some good websites I knew would come in handy. She expressed how she was a bit overwhelmed because of all of the homework and reviewing for class and how difficult it was to maintain his attention and have him happily participate in the practicing. Listen, just because I’m a teacher does not mean it’s easy for me to do any of this! I also get very frustrated. My five year old wants to argue with me that the word “cake” starts with the letter “k” because it makes the “k, k, k” sound. Try justifying that! So, back to my friend. My teacher engine got revved up and I began giving her tips to have fun and enjoyable, as best possible, homework and test review sessions. From playing little games to using unstructured methods. Then I told her about a little activity that helped me and could help her. When my little tough toddler refused to just believe me when I said cake stars with “c”, I got up from the table, grabbed a black Expo marker and started drawing a cake on the glass patio door. Her eyes just lit up as if she was thinking “what the hell, my mom is writing with a marker on the glass and I’m not even supposed to put my hands on the glass, she’s lost it”. After drawing the cake, I wrote the word “cake” and I also drew a kite and wrote the word “kite”. She jumped up and wanted to decorate the cake. I said to her “lets first sound out each word and let’s look at the drawing. Think of one word that starts with “c” and one that starts with “k”. We wrote each word on the glass and then I let her decorate the cake. A stubborn kid turned into a receptive one that learned that although these two letters have the same sound, they are very different. And an almost frustrated mom turned into a very happy one because she got it and we enjoyed drawing on the glass, laughing together, and then of course, cleaning that up. I shared a few other ideas with her to try with her son and that’s when the spark happen. She says to me “wow, great ideas! If only more moms knew these little helpful tips!” And this was how The Busy Mom That Could was born! My desire to “teach” that is still very alive in me. In this blog I get to share tips for moms on how to deal with all of the everyday, never ending tasks that we have. I also get to teach moms on teaching their kids! The best of both worlds; I absolutely love being a mom and I love kids! I will share some “teacher tips” but also tips for just managing it all in our busy mommy lives and since I’m also trying to conceive, I’ll share my trying to make another baby journey with you too! Thanks for being here and I hope you enjoy reading, learning and spending time with me here! Kiss, kiss, Liz.

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