My Health & Fitness Story

I have loved fitness for as long as I can remember! I have this “fitness” binder that I created back when I was 19 years old. It’s made up of pages ton out from magazines of exercises and meal plans that I liked. I have numerous fitness plans that I either paid for or downloaded for free off the internet. I’ve purchased about 10 different programs from the time I was 19 to now. I have programs promising weight loss, muscle gains and my favorite “how to build a booty from home”. But, I was never able to complete a program with fidelity. Well, I shouldn’t say I wasn’t able to. It’s not like I got sick or physically impaired. I just wasn’t committed. I would start the program super pumped and motivated and sometime soon after, I’d quit. 

There have been two times in my life I really got fit; before getting married and two years after having my daughter. I got married December 5th 2009. I had a personal trainer who my friend and I would share an hour with at her club house gym. I paid 50 bucks for an hour twice a week. I must have been eating well too because I lost a lot of weight. Not that I was overweight but you know a bride wants to look her best on her wedding day and shedding some pounds was exactly what I needed to look good. Or so I thought back then. I’m 5’8 and my ideal weight should be 140 lbs. I got married weighing 125 lbs. I remember when I walked around the reception, saying hi to everyone and thanking them for being there, when my friends and family would hug me they’d say “oh my God Liz, you’re so skinny”. Those were the best words I could hear on my wedding day. Like, those words were better than “congratulations”. But, what I didn’t hear in between their smile and that cheesy reception music that plays as your making the rounds to say hi to everyone was “oh my God Liz, you’re too skinny. Eat, gain weight cause you’re just bones”. 

We went on a cruise to the Caribbean on our honeymoon and although I was the skinniest I’d ever been, I still didn’t feel right in my swimsuit. Like I probably have one full length picture in a swimsuit from a week long Caribbean honeymoon. I still had body issues. When we came back from the honeymoon, I slowly started putting back on the weight which was okay because I was way too skinny anyway.

We found out we were pregnant February of 2012. If I could have planned it I would have made sure I was not pregnant over the Summer. Well, it’s not really the seasons fault. You see I had gained 40 pounds by July and in Miami, Summer’s are hot! I was only 5 months pregnant but I had a big ‘ol belly and big ol’ thighs and butt to match. I was a teacher and dismissal time was torture. Half an hour of standing and walking kids to their cars outside in 90-100 degrees of what felt like literally being in the fires of hell. I remember wearing skirts because at least I had a chance of catching a possible breeze but, the rubbing of my thighs was out of control and so painful. My last appointment with the gynecologist was on a Thursday and at the routinary weigh in I was at 199 pounds. I always joke that if I’d seen 200 on that scale I would have gone into labor right then and there. My daughter was born two days later, October 12th 2012. I had a great delivery. 

About 6 months after my daughter was born I saw an infomercial for P90X. I literally called my husband crying begging him to let me purchase this program because I was sure that would help me lose the 60 pounds I was still carrying around. He said yes and I eagerly waiting for my package to arrive. The excitement of completing that program lasted exactly 24 hours after it arrived and I never even started the program. Everyday I had an excuse not to do the workouts. 

By the time my daughter was 2, I had somehow managed to lose 20 pounds. Luckily I’m tall so I play off extra pounds well but my confidence was on the floor. I felt tired all the time and I hated the person I saw in the mirror. By now it was summer and I was off from work since I was a teacher. My best friend and I planned a day at the zoo with the kiddies. When I saw her, she was skinny, healthy and happy. I asked her what the heck was she doing and she replied “21 Day Fix by Beachbody and Shakeology“. She told me how the program was so easy to do with only 30 minute workouts and the best part was being able to pretty much eat whatever you wanted by eating it in portions. The shakes were delicious and extremely healthy. So of course I ordered the program as soon as I got home! I promised myself that I would completely commit to this program from start to finish, 100% because I just couldn’t stand the body that I was in. My husband was also 30 pounds overweight so he committed to do it with me too. Since my best friend had done the program, she shared with me her grocery list so I was ready for the program as soon as it arrived. I started the very next day. 

Autumn Calabrese 21 Day Fix
I lost 40 pounds on 21 Day Fix

21 Dy Fix changed my life forever! My husband and I completed the program never missing a workout, eating the portioned controlled meals as recommended and drinking our magic shake (that’s what we call it). 21 days later I had lost 40 pounds and he had lost 30. We felt amazing. It hadn’t felt like I was on a “diet” and the workouts were fun, easy and effective. We did a second round of 21 day fix and each lost another 5 pounds. What I loved most about the program was that I had learned how to eat! I learned the amounts of vegetables, fruits, proteins, carbs should look like on my plate. 

Here I am four years later, starting a new Beachbody program called 80 Day Obsession. As I’m writing this I’m actually on day 11 and I’ve already lost 2 pounds, inches all over and I’m beginning to tone. Beachbody does and amazing job with these programs and Autumn Calabrese is just a genius fitness instructor and program creator! Just like with 21 Day Fix I eat whatever foods I want! I don’t have to make separate meals for my family. I simply cook my meals I always do then use my containers to measure how much I’m supposed to eat. 

80 Day Obsession results
Just 10 days into the 80 Day Obsession Program

I’m excited to see my amazing results Day 80! Come back to check them out!


Beacbody Coach
Team Beachbody Coach Liz