General Info

Workouts That Work

Liz / April 16, 2018

Depending on when you’re reading this, you have about two and a half months before the official start of summer; June 20th. You’ve probably already noticed the array of swimsuits, beach hats and flip flops at the stores. About 3 weeks ago I knew I’d be taking a quickie beach vacation this past weekend and all I was looking at…

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Living Healthy

7 Simple Healthier You Habits

Liz / April 3, 2018

Make these suggestions a part of a Healthier You in 2018.  How do you become a Healthier You? STOP: Drinking soda, constant texting, smoking, binge eating. Habits are hard to break because we do them without putting much thought into them. These habits satisfy some type of need. Habits; breathing (good for you), scarfing down a bag of Cheetos (bad…

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